To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. B.H.

November, 2022
Charges: Theft by Swindle, Felony, nearly $20K in restitution demanded

Stay of Adjudication. This case, handled initially by a well-respected dean of the criminal defense bar for more than 18 months and with no offer better than a lifetime felony (and cancellation of commercial license opportunities permanently), vs. a nearly impossible trial to win, presented Mr. Adkins with some sizable challenges. After five months of careful negotiations, Mr. Adkins and the North Star team secured a Stay of Adjudication, with absolutely no jail to serve, no work service, no fine, probation to the court, and as little as one year to dismissal and the start of an expungement campaign. Client is ecstatic, and can focus exclusively on building his growing business and caring for his extended family, without the fear or impact a felony record would necessarily bring. A massive win.

State v. T.F.

September, 2022
Charges: Murder in the Second Degree, Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting

Stunning result... Client already in prison, serving a parole violation, gets essentially time served, rather than a possible life sentence, in a high-profile murder case, without the requirement to testify on behalf of the State. A lifetime in defense work has left Mr. Adkins in position to negotiate from strength, but with compassion and verve--and it matters, for complex cases, and clients facing such massive draconian results. His family cannot wait to have him back, and now they will, and soon.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Murder

State v. A.R.

June, 2022
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Departure granted. Sentenced as a gross misdemeanor over the State's strenuous argument. The client had made drunken threats of shooting up a bar and made a hand-gun motion. Despite this, the North Star team convinced the judge that these were less serious facts than a typical threats of violence case, which is not a small undertaking. With a well-researched written argument and a strong oral summation at the sentencing hearing, the Court agreed that the defense had proven to be correct and granted the departure. For a gentleman that enjoys hunting with family, this was a critical and fantastic result.

State v. J.S.

May, 2022
Charges: First Degree Drug Crimes

This client, looking at upwards of 300 months for multiple probation and new cases, settled for a trip to Boot Camp, and a return to his home in roughly eight months, thanks to Mr. Adkins' compelling sentencing arguments and deep research by North Star. Our teamwork is nonpareil, and we are second to none on these types of matters, where all seems lost--the hustle and the creativity matter more, when others would cash in chips or quit the field. North Star just cares more.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. B.T.

April, 2022
Charges: Domestic Assault by Strangulation - Felony; Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended count of Threats of Violence as a gross misdemeanor. This was a remarkably unique outcome that ultimately satisfied all of the client's goals - no jail, minimal fine, and preserved his gun rights upon completion of probation. The client turned down a better plea deal to a misdemeanor assault (non-domestic), but was concerned with losing his gun rights for three years, which state law mandates even on non-domestic assault convictions. So, the North Star team got creative and figured out a resolution that accomplished exactly this. Despite facing serious domestic assault strangulation felony charges and a prior allegation against him, we were able to get a non-jail, non-felony outcome and saved his gun rights from the three-year prohibition. This proves, once again, that the North Star team takes the big picture approach and tailors the strategy to each clients needs. While this is a worse outcome than an offer previously received, it's the right and perfect outcome for this client, which is what matters most.

State v. T.M.

March, 2022
Charges: Multiple Narcotics and Violent felonies, Multiple Counties

NO PRISON, and no jail! Client with near-career criminal history, picking up first degree felony counts while the first matter is being defended... enters aggressive treatment program, verifies sobriety for a year, and avoids any serious consequences. At least one prosecutor is stunned at the result, on motion practice; perhaps the largest cumulative discount in terms of months faced/not served in Minnesota this calendar year. Mr. Adkins labored his tail off getting the client oriented, getting the motions together and tight, and convincing judges to trust his client's new maturity and commitment to a sober and crime-free life. Glorious win.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. J.L. / E.H.

February, 2022
Charges: Early termination of probation

Motions granted, over State's objections--in one instance, a rape conviction, in the other a violent drug offense. North Star focuses a good deal of attention on prisoner's rights, habeas appeals, and clarifications of/reductions in sentence impact, and these were no exception--great hustle by the team, clients fighting to mature and evolve decision-making, and thoughtful judges mean less than half the probation term has to be completed. Contact North Star if your trial attorney doesn't provide this service, or cannot match our record (hint? they can't.)

Types of Charge(s): Felonies

United State v. M.A.

January, 2022
Charges: Federal allegations of Arson, in conjunction with G. Floyd protests--mandatory minimum applies.

Probation, absolutely no time in custody, joint and several restitution. In one of the more surprising wins from this set of cases, Mr. Adkins convinced a federal judge to set aside a mountain of possible prison time for a young man who participated in violent and destructive acts during the uprisings in May 2020. Near-continuous hustle, thoughtful negotiations, and deeply researched arguments brought about this result, for a client literally weeping with relief, and a life back on track. This is the type of result we live to create, at North Star; it's why we practice.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires, Felonies

State v. B.R.

December, 2021
Charges: 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Felony); Threats of Violence (Felony); False Imprisonment (Felony); Domestic Assault (Misdemeanor)

Norgaard plea, received a stay of adjudication on the threats of violence charge, stay of imposition to an added count of interfering with an emergency call (gross misdemeanor), and a stay of imposition to the misdemeanor domestic assault charge. This negotiated outcome results in no felony conviction on his record and, instead, just misdemeanor convictions. For an individual facing three serious felony charges, including the second degree assault with a dangerous weapon that would've required a year in prison if convicted, this is a fantastic result. The top priorities for the client were avoiding a felony record and prison time. The North Star team engaged in extensive and creative negotiations over lengthy litigation, ultimately culminating in this deal on the doorstep to trial. Considering the allegations, a motivated victim, and challenging evidence to overcome, accomplishing the client's objectives seemed unlikely to begin, but eventually came to fruition with the strategy implemented.

State v. C.K.

December, 2021
Charges: 1st Degree Burglary (Felony); Interference with an Emergency/911 Call (Gross Misdemeanor); and Domestic Assault (Misdemeanor)

Plea to the misdemeanor domestic assault, dismissal of the remaining counts, and no jail time to serve. The client was staring at a presumptive commitment to prison on the felony burglary count. And while the client took some proactive steps toward sobriety - because alcohol was an underlying issue in the case - full sobriety was not achieved. The North Star team raised legal defenses to possibly challenge with the Court, but also successfully leveraged in plea negotiations. The result is this incredible result where the client avoids prison, local jail time, and a long-term felony conviction record. This accomplished everything the client was hoping for, even though he didn't even believe it was possible. Another great result by the North Star team.