Recent Wins - March 2017

North Star Criminal Defense has had a fantastic month of March. It’s always nice to share our recent victories as it gives us an opportunity to show how our team’s hard work and diligent representation gets results for our clients.

State v. T.H., March, 2017

Charges: 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Resolution: Stay of imposition, with a misdemeanor conviction the result. Client – who faced gross misdemeanor charges and possibly an additional felony count if the case was pushed to trial – pursued a proactive, accountable strategy that resulted in the Judge commending him and stating, on the record, that he knows the client is a “stand-up guy”. Due to the smart, personalized legal strategy implemented, the client faces no jail, a $100 fine, and minimal conditions during his probation. Upon his satisfaction of probation, the conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor. This is the exact result the client wished for.

State v. S.C., March, 2017

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI

Resolution: Plea to a 4th Degree DWI with a standard result. This is a terrific result for a client that registered nearly three-times the legal limit on his first-time DWI. Due to a proper strategy and a pro-active approach by the client, Mr. Adkins was able to secure an outcome that resulted in no further jail or community service time, a small fine, and minimal conditions during probation. This is a misdemeanor offense and the client is put in a position to succeed going forward.

State v. B.N., March, 2017

Charges: School Bus Violation – Traffic Arm – Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. The prosecution costs were minimal and the client is able to maintain a perfect driving record. You can’t ask for a better result in this situation.

State v. D.M., March, 2017

Charges: Order For Protection Violation – Misdemeanor (Juvenile case)

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal for 180 days. No fine, jail, community service, or lengthy conditions. The client had already completed 30 days of house arrest as a result of a probation violation stemming from these allegations. Using this as leverage and the new progress of the child in getting back on track in school and his personal life, Mr. Gempeler obtained this rare result – a dismissal.